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**The AMP requirement is only for May 2022 and May 2023 graduates. If you will be graduating after May 2023, please scroll down to view the new requirements.**

The Applied Ministry Practicum is designed to crystallize the counseling skills and paradigms taught in the Westminster MAC courses through formal practicum experience. All MAC students are required to complete 100 hours of counseling before their final term in the MAC program and are responsible for securing a practicum location and mentor. Students will work with their AMP mentor to  1) determine counseling parameters and goals, 2) plan start and end dates for AMP, 3) schedule weekly or bi-monthly counseling mentorship meetings during practicum.

Students will then submit an AMP proposal documenting their plan for executing the 100 hours of practicum training. Once 100 hours are completed, both the mentor and student will submit the AMP evaluation forms to verify goals reached and communicate measurable progress.


I. Preparation

Start the AMP by locating a counseling mentor who can give experienced counseling insights into your personal and professional counseling goals. In this phase, you will work with your selected mentor to create specific and actionable goals to accomplish during the required 100 practicum hours.  Please review the student and mentor guides below during this collaboration process.

Download Student Guide
Download Mentor Guide

Once you and your AMP mentor have met together and prayerfully determined the practicum parameters and counseling goals, the MAC student will submit the "AMP Proposal Form" and mentor will submit a "Mentor Registration Form". *Need help finding a mentor that fits AMP criteria? Visit our Mentor Network to choose the perfect mentor for you from a list of WTS or CCEF alumni.*

AMP Proposal FormMentor Registration Form


The practicum officially begins once your AMP proposal is approved from your AMP Counselor. During the practicum phase, you will begin logging hours in counseling sessions, mentor meetings, when leading counseling trainings, or counseling session prep time. You are required to log approximately 70 hours of direct counseling and 30 hours of indirect counseling. Please review the section in the Student Guide labeled, “AMP Hours - Direct vs. Indirect Counseling” for clarity on how to categorize hours appropriately.


The final evaluation is designed to reflect on the experience as a whole at the conclusion of the mentorship. Specifically, this is when students and their mentor review the progress made toward achieving the goals listed in the AMP proposal.

Final Evaluation Form - STUDENTFinal Evaluation Form - MENTOR

graduates 2024+

**The Program Mentorship and the Biblical Counseling Practicum are requirements for students graduating in May of 2024 and beyond. If you are graduating in May 2022 or 2023, you are still required to complete the AMP. See guidelines above.**

This Program Mentorship model comes out of our value to focus our counseling practice support to CCEF faculty, specifically in the Biblical Counseling Practicum, and build more layers of local support for you. This program mentor would be responsible for helping you process the personal implications of your education in your courses, evaluating your potential fitness, and calling for ministry.

Program Mentorship

The three-credit Biblical Counseling Practicum will require you to synthesize and practice the skills and models taught in your courses. During the course, you will reflect on what you have learned about counseling and about yourself as a counselor throughout the curriculum.  Within BCP, you will be grouped into cohorts of no more than 6 other students and work directly with CCEF faculty for the duration of the 10-week course .

Biblical Counseling Practicum


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